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Meet our Pacchini & Sons management team

Pacchini & Sons is a family-run business and we extend our family values of loyalty, honesty, and hard work to our entire workforce. We use our own trained sales force so we can develop and maintain long term relationships with our clients.

Our Senior Management Team includes brothers Naldo and Sergio, and Sergio’s son Alex. Between them they have nearly 100 years’ experience in the Australian grocery industry. This trio leads a team of permanent and casual staff to provide exceptional sales and merchandising support to clients.



Naldo Pacchini

General Manager

Naldo Pacchini brings 40 years’ experience in the Australian grocery industry to our business. Naldo efficiently runs the day-to-day business of Pacchini & Sons and manages international purchasing.
Naldo is also a Director of Superlink, our national group that provides brokerage, sales and merchandising to major chains.

Sergio Pacchini

National Sales Manager

Sergio Pacchini brings another 40 years’ experience to Pacchini & Sons. Sergio expertly manages local (domestic) purchases and is our go-to contact person for local suppliers, clients, and the sales team.

Alex Pacchini

Business Development Manager

Alex Pacchini has 10 years’ experience with Pacchini & Sons. In addition to leading the growth of our family-run business, Alex is our energetic Sales Team Supervisor and MSO (multistore owner) Account Manager.
Alex also oversees Metcash related matters for our clients.

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